This is where you can buy certain products that the Nottingham Climbing Centres offers.

If you have any queries, please contact the Centre by ringing: 0115 998 8233;

Or email us at:

Annual Pass

You can buy a year's pass here. These are at more discounted costs than our monthly memberships (please enquire if interested). The cost of and Adult's Year Pass is £400, for a child and concession it is £320.

If you are wanting to purchase a year's pass for an adult or child, please follow the links:

If you are wanting to purchase a year's pass for a concession, please enquire over the phone or in person.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used for a variety of uses at Nottingham Climbing Centre, from paying for entries to getting a 1:1 Improvers sessions with an instructor, and everything in between!

To buy one, press the link:

Punch Cards

Punch cards are a useful way of prepaying for either 5 or 10 visits. These are at a discounted price to the standard entry. There are also punch cards available to purchase for children (under 18) but these can only be purchased over the phone or in person. A 10 visit punch card costs £72, a 5 visit punch card costs £38. A child's 10 visit punch card costs £47.

To buy one, press the links:

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Tower Reset! 💪🙌🤙🔥
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We will be closed Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th July - all sessions on these days have been cancelled/postponed and customers contacted.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your cooperation.
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We’re open 12-8pm this bank holiday.

There’ll be a full pool reset Thursday for you to try out.

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27 new reds for you to have a crack at!

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